The Seeds of Creativity

Authentic Beginnings is our newest imprint, dedicated to the younger public. The negative impacts of life not only affect adults but can infiltrate into a young person’s development and wellbeing, which in turn burdens the people who have an impact on their growing years. While children may not fully understand the hardships of life, our imprint aims to touch on important life lessons that can support resilience and personal development to welcome the unknown with confidence. ​

Our talented authors therefore encourage and strive to educate, enlighten and empower children about reality in a way that is easy to assimilate, fun, and nourishes their imagination.

The Oldest Tortoise in the World

By Maddie Hopper

Sammy is a curious little tortoise.

Papa Jonathan, Sammy, and their enormous family live in the garden of an old, tired house. Once day, Sammy asked Papa Jonathan, ‘Who used to live in this old house?’

Join Sammy as Papa Jonathan recalls a time when the garden brimmed with laughter, creativity, tremendously exciting inventions, and the thirst for a world that stretches beyond the extraordinary like of a tortoise.

A simple, yet fun-filled book with active illustrations ideas for early readers.


By Shirley Armitage

Join Bapsy, a small bread loaf whose curiosity leads her to question how she came to be. With the help of Mamloaf’s enchanting story of how she grew from a small grain to wonderful bread, Bapsy learns the importance of transitioning in life and the challenges that come with each change. ​

This beautiful story, accompanied with vivid illustrations, prompts adults to begin a conversation with children about the way big changes can help a child to adapt to and thrive in any situation.​

Dance of the Goblin Pipers

By Mark Boyde

Every New Year’s Eve, strange screechy music wafts down from the mountains of Glencoe. But who is playing it, and why? After delivering some porridge to his Granny, Curious McAye, an overly curious boy, decides to go and find out. At the end of a silvery pathway, high in Glencoe’s mountains, he finds the oddest array of characters having a New Year Ball. Curious dances out onto the heath to join the party. But when the midnight bells toll, and Auld Lang Syne is sung, will Curious find his way back home?

The Legend of Mordekai Hagg

By Mark Boyde

Leaving his home in Crooked Spyre, Mordekai Hagg takes a secret pathway through Hackenbarke Forest, seeking an underground cavern and a fortune in Goblins gold. On his journey, an elf called Dandelion, a grumpy dwarf named Grumblethump, and Slobberchops, a fierce forest troll, try to stop him, yet Mordekai will not turn back. Will Mordekai find what he seeks, and if he does, will he be happy that he did?

The Witch of the East

By Mark Boyde

The Faerysouls are going to a party, invited there by the beautiful Princess Gorgonzella, or so they think. But deep in the heart of Ringfinger Forest, in the Kingdom of the Three Forests, lies a crooked house, where the Witch of the East has hatched a terrible surprise for them. Along the way you will meet the witch’s friends, the forest goblins Grizzenbeard and Scyrne, the slobbering Grymdelhack Troll, the Ogres of the Wastelands, Sea Hags, Red Wolves, and Black Crows from the dark and mysterious Mountains of the Moon. Can the faeries survive and escape the forest? Audio book read by Siobhan Redmond (Holby City and Eastenders), and Jimmy Chisholm (Braveheart and Mrs Brown).