Real Life Stories

Authentic Life is our primary imprint, which focuses on relaying stories that cut to the heart of the society we all share. These are stories of normal individuals. Tales of hardship, suffering, injustice, endurance, strength, tenacity, resilience, faith, and hope, that convey a picture of the world most of us witness and experience.

Mental As Anything: the collective

By Grant Budge

Mental health has become an unseen epidemic over recent years. A disease that society struggles to accept and deal with. But where does the failure to accept normal life end and poor mental health begin? And who is accountable?

Mental as Anything is a glimpse into my life. A life that objectively is neither ordinary nor exceptional, but is the one I have navigated. A life of experiences and challenges that have shaped me and in the end brought me to my knees.

This novel tells my story through the eyes of the person I became over the past three years. This individual was not who I am, but instead was the culmination of three factors. The behaviour of a minority of society’s members. My ability to accept. My ability to rebuild.

The Scorpion House

The Scorpion House is a memoir of an African childhood that is both shocking and inspiring. It is the story of Fay, a little girl growing up in Rhodesia in the 1940s and ’50s within a deeply dysfunctional family. Originally from a privileged background, Fay’s father becomes a feckless and irresponsible alcoholic. Her unhinged and unpredictable mother neglects her children, but also evokes sympathy as an artistic, animal-obsessed woman trapped in a desperate situation. Fay’s parents lead chaotic, rootless lives that will leave the reader flabbergasted. Seen through the eyes of a child, this unique story is often funny and uplifting. From Hollywood, to guns and nuns, this gripping tale will engage and enthral readers leaving them incredulous and entertained.