Our process is simple.

If you wish to submit your work, please send us your full manuscript and a covering letter. From this, we will seek out those stories and writing styles that we feel could have the greatest impact. That doesn’t mean all stories aren’t worth telling, but simply that in all aspirations, time is a constraint. Whether we consider your submission fits our agenda or believe it can be improved, we will be in touch to inform you of our decision.

However, we acknowledge that authors may suffer the burden of stress when submitting their work in full. If this is your case, we would be happy to receive the first three chapters of a complete manuscript. Upon intrigue from our side, we would then ask for the rest of the manuscript.

Our aim is to accompany authors constructive criticism on their submissions, regardless of our final decision of publication. We do so in appreciation of the courage and passion which encouraged an author to let us read a product of their creativity, because we understand that writing is a personal experience that digs into the confines of a person’s consciousness. We hope that anyone who sends us their work will read our feedback positively and reflectively.


We are predominately seeking autobiographical works but will consider fiction also.

Novels should be more than 70,000 words and less than 140,000. And we strongly recommend that your review your book thoroughly prior to submission and ask someone you trust to read it. This way you can ensure you are presenting it in its best light.

Short stories

We are open minded with regard to the subject of short stories and will consider submissions across all genres.

There is no perfect length for a short story, only the author can decide, but we would expect them to be no more than 7,000 to 8,000 words. This will allow them to be adaptable for online publication, either as a serialisation or under small collections of aligned works.