Our process is simple.

In first instance we would want to receive a cover letter, a maximum two-page synopsis of your story and the first two chapters. From this, we will seek out those stories and writing styles that we feel could have the greatest impact. That doesn’t mean all stories aren’t worth telling, but simply that in all aspirations, time is a constraint. If we like your submission, we will be in touch to request a copy of the full manuscript and to discuss how we could help progress publication of your work. This allows us to appreciate better, you and your writing style.

We aim to select a minimum twenty authors a year to finalise and publish their work. Throughout the process we aim to help our authors tell their story, deliver wisdom and to live their life to the full.


The process for submissions under Authentic Shorts is much simpler, the imprint offering the opportunity for aspiring authors to have their work included in a periodic journal. To be considered, please submit a covering letter outlining the story, along with the short story itself.

ALL SUBMISSIONS SHOULD BE SENT IN A FIRST INSTANCE TO enquiries@integrity-media.co.uk, with the header clearly stating AL, AI or AS dependent on which imprint you are submitting under.


We are predominately seeking autobiographical works but will consider fiction also.

Novels should be more than 70,000 words and less than 140,000. And we strongly recommend that your review your book thoroughly prior to submission and ask someone you trust to read it. This way you can ensure you are presenting it in its best light.

Short stories

We are open minded with regard to the subject of short stories and will consider submissions across all genres.

There is no perfect length for a short story, only the author can decide, but we would expect them to be no more than 7,000 to 8,000 words. This will allow them to be adaptable for online publication, either as a serialisation or under small collections of aligned works.