This page is dedicated to our wonderfully talented authors, whose works aim to inspire, invoke, challenge and inform. With extremely diverse backgrounds, interests and hobbies get to know a little about them from their bios below…

Grant Budge

Grant is an engineer, entrepreneur, adventurer, environmentalist and author. He is the first to profess that life is for living and also the first to testify to how easy it can be to get derailed from that philosophy amongst humanities noise.

Grant values family and friendships, knowing all good journey’s require companions. Is passionate about music, though remains a frustrated singer and rhythm guitarist. Has an interest in the occult and horror, collecting an array of unusual movie memorabilia from the genre. Loves experiencing different cultures and embracing more traditional ways of living.

He has also been a long-time supporter to Wellchild, the UK charity for sick children and following his own experiences, has become an advocate for the positive impact on mental health that creativity can bring.

David Reece

David Reece grew up in Rochdale, Greater Manchester, attaining a degree in Geography at Huddersfield University, a Masters in Meteorology at Birmingham University, and a Masters in Urban Regeneration at Sheffield Hallam. 

Before turning his hand to writing, David was a planning and estates officer at a leading construction materials group based in the UK. Involved in commercial and mineral planning for over 11 years, he gained a deep understanding of the design and development of urban areas. In 2015, a point in time that he was experiencing poor mental health, David dreamt the plot for the Falcon Project, which is centred around the planning field, and began to put pen to paper in parallel with starting his own property maintenance business.

As with many smaller businesses during the pandemic, the economic impacts took their toll on his business and he has recently decided to get back into planning. He’s also begun writing his second book, The Blossom Tree, The Falcon Project’s much-awaited sequel.

David lives in a large village on the outskirts of Chesterfield with his wife and two children, where they take very long walks with the dog and enjoy quality time with friends and family.

Mark Zanzibar Boyde

Mark was born in Belfast, moving to Scotland aged ten. After being invalided out of the Royal Navy, in 1984, he returned, by way of his beloved Highlands of Scotland, where he loves to climb and kayak, to study at Napier University. Graduating in 1990, before entering the world of telecoms.

Having written as a hobby from an early age, an escape from a brutal and violent childhood, in 2016, with his good friend, actor, Jimmy Chisholm, Mark created the concept for a series of illustrated children’s books – “The Terrible Tales of Netherwold”. Persuading actors from Game of Thrones, Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit, Dr Who, Braveheart and Harry Potter, to turn them into audiobooks to raise funds for a number of leading UK children’s charities, including NSPCC, CLIC Sargent and the Scottish Burnt Children’s Charity.

His first novel “Not All Flowers Face the Sun”, first published in 2021, is largely based on his life, as well as his adventures travelling the world. His two “near death” experiences on Mount Everest and the on the 17,000 ft road between Pakistan and China, in the Himalayas, and as his 2019 trek across Spain’s 800kms Camino de Santiago.

Mark has three children, with his ex wife, Linda: Craig, Charlotte and Jameson, and a grandson, Elijah. Mark now lives in Edinburgh.  

Fay Granville-Hitchman

Fay was born in Liverpool, before moving to Rhodesia at the age of six. From there, she moved across the country with highly dysfunctional parents, collecting weird and wonderful stories that have now become her first publication, The Scorpion House. Moving back to the UK at the age of 16, she had no formal education and close family in the country. She met her husband, Alan, at the age of 23, and together they had a successful career in hospitality and three wonderful children.

Fay originally began writing as the result of a computer purchased by her husband, not wanting to waste his money, she began to write down stories from her extraordinary childhood. It was never begun with the intention of having it published, as she believed it would simply be of potential interest for her children and later grandchildren. 

Despite her lack of education, she has always been a keen writer of short stories. Having a natural ability as she has been published in various magazines. Once winning a two week trip to America by entering a writing competition, in which she described Californian wines sold in Sainsbury’s. On another occasion, as the result of telling the story of the trips Fay and her friends took in the early sixties down in the cellar called The Cavern in Liverpool where we knew the Beatles, she was lucky enough to win a watch.

Fay now lives in Bristol, close to her three children, Sally, Penny and Dale. And her five Grandchildren, Millie, Poppy, Alice, Jemima and Ned. She spends her time playing bridge, lawn green bowls and is a self-proclaimed “Netflix subscriber”.