Our Vision

We aim to provide a creative portal for individuals to achieve four things. First and foremost, to take their history to deliver inspirational literature. And through that act, achieve personal growth and strong mental health that allows them to build on the experience. Then as they expand their repertoire, to find themselves in a supportive community that wants nothing more than their success and happiness. And through these three aspirations, create a unique positive message for societal change that can transcend all boundaries.

Our Mission

Through the written word, our authors can find a peace of mind, a cathartic sense of justice and in that, a strength to move beyond and strive for a future absent of the shackles of yesterday. And for those who read our authors stories, an opportunity to bear witness to injustice perpetrated by a minority; and find inspiration to join the fight to make our society, our world, a better place for all.

Our vision expanded

Inspirational literature

It should be no surprise ‘inspirational literature’ is our lead objective. What is a publishing company without a credible portfolio of works? But inspirational literature means more than that to us. It means identifying stories that wouldn’t usually be told. Exposing realities that may be unpalatable and uncomfortable to acknowledge for many that will read them. It means exposing the essence of our society.

Personal growth

Like our founder discovered, writing can be a portal for personal growth, strong mental health, and mindfulness. Writing affords us a unique opportunity to detach ourselves from our lives and become objective in our view of our existence as we endeavour to explain it to others. It can provide a platform for acceptance and reconciliation of the past. While providing pause to consider and bring clarity to what we want from our future.

Supportive community

We acknowledge that relaying our difficulties and challenges takes great courage and resolve. Writing is a time-consuming endeavour and should never be embarked on lightly. And when the topic of your narrative requires reliving events that have materially affected your world, the requisite perseverance is significantly heightened. That is why, we hope to build a ‘supportive community’ of likeminded individuals to guide you in your journey.

Societal change

There are two tiers to ‘societal change’ we hope to inspire. For our authors, we hope to help them enhance their quality of life; offering them the opportunity to convey their message far beyond the constraints of their homes. And at a macro level, we hope to build a brand than can set an expectation for how society can be and should be. And seeded within that brand, a global collective desire to make this world a better place for all.