A Pact for Life by Grant Budge


Format: Paperback

Genre: Occult/Horror



Since God rested on the seventh day, good and evil have fought. In fact, many religions believe it was on the seventh day that God created evil to add balance to his creation. Whatever its origins, the fight continues, though the rules of engagement have changed.

Shifton is a small, happy and safe North American town. However, this quiet town has a hidden past. A secret history of depravity, that has laid dormant for sixty years. A spiritual dark side that is about to be released, through a new vessel.

John Garret is a young boy battling through adolescence, who becomes the ungrateful subject of the school bully. During an instance of tortuous persecution, he finds himself abandoned by God, and breaks with his faith, pledging his life to a darker force, in return for power and glory. Unfortunately, through his impetuosity, he fails to pay enough attention to the warnings. What evil gives, it wants back double!

Over time Garret begins to neglect his new master, taking more than giving. And when his past eventually catches up with him, he is married to his childhood sweetheart and has a successful career. But this perfect world is about to come crumbling down, as a new colleague with a hidden agenda arrives on the scene.


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