AOK: Allen of Kea


Format: Paperback

Genre: Fiction

Release Date: 4th August 2023



Allen, fifty, bored to the bone of his native England, flees to reinvent himself on the paradisical island of Kea, in the Aegean Sea. With the latest arrival of holidaymakers, the Laskarina Holidays tour representative extraordinaire will need all his English manners to survive the summer. Stir in some poetry written by Anthony, the dyspeptic poet, and ex-public-school eccentric, some verified historical facts and Essex humour—courtesy of Grace, Allen’s favourite ringtone—, AOK is the entertaining read that is anything but dull.

AOK takes its own stance on the definition of what is politically incorrect, utterly vulgar, blasphemous, humorous, or sad, yet the life lessons it contains are a testament of hope for underachievers.


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