Not All Flowers Face the Sun by Mark Zanzibar Boyde


Release Date: Coming 30 June!

Format: Paperback

Genre: Fiction




A fatal car crash in the Scottish Highlands leaves ex-soldier Sean Jameson haunted by visions of his dead wife and suffering nightmares from an abusive childhood. Deciding he cannot go on, but knowing Heaven does not accept suicides, he calls on Death to take him. In a bizarre twist of fate, after finding an old, leather-bound journal in an antique desk, he is given that chance. From Ben Nevis to the Himalayas, Spain’s Camino de Santiago to Mont Blanc, Europe’s “killer mountain”, Sean must fight to live while hoping to die in a way God accepts.

After six failed IVF treatments, artist and sculptor Claudia Montgomery is drawn to the lighthouse near her childhood home on Massachusetts rugged coastline. Mourning her failing marriage and the child she has never had but desperately wants, she begs the Universe for help. A chance meeting with lighthouse owner, Hannah Thomas, sets Claudia on a journey across Europe, carrying a box of ashes to the Costa Del Morte, Spain’s “Coast of Dead”. But Death and the Universe have their own plans.

Two lives, one seeking darkness, the other light. Two journeys of self-discovery. An explosive climax on the summit of Mont Blanc. An ending no one could have foreseen.

A tale of love, loss, and the Universe.`


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