The Falcon Project by David Reece


Format: Paperback

Genre: Fiction / Thriller


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Jack Hardy is an ordinary, hardworking man pursuing career progression as a town planner at the emerging development company Johnson & Killen. However, when trusted with the company’s latest overseas development, The Falcon Project, he unearths problems with the proposal which act as a catalyst for a chain of events that threaten his life.

Unsure of who he can trust, Jack is forced to flee the city to search for answers.  Helped by an unlikely source, he starts to piece together the reason for the attempts on his life and begins to unravel the mystery surrounding The Falcon Project.

As he digs deeper to find the truth his past resurfaces, painfully threatening all that he believes to be real.  As the secret lives of everyone involved become clear, their true motives begin to emerge. The events of his childhood finally align with the current day, leading him to confront the tormenter of both his past and present.



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