Helping Organisations Address Mental Health

There has never been a better time for organisations to consider their mental health and wellbeing strategies than today as rates of absenteeism and presenteeism are on the rise and workforces across the globe being affected. The issue is costing businesses billions of pounds, but Integrity Media is here to help with an innovative solution.

A Costly Issue

Mental health issues are the biggest cause of workdays lost in the UK, accounting for approximately 57%. According to Deloitte, this fact is costing British businesses up to £45bn a year in lost revenues and the figure has steadily increased at a rate of 16% per annum since 2016.

Many organisations are improving their understanding of the challenges that mental health issues can pose to their businesses. However, research suggests that more can be done, particularly regarding factors contributing to a rise absenteeism and presenteeism.

A Holistic Solution

Many risk management, health management and insurance companies will profile an organisation’s mental health performance based around qualitative assessments of several criteria, such as:

  • Organisational culture – benchmarking the culture around various metrics like openness, equality, inclusion and security. 
  • Programmes of activity – assessing what programmes are made available to support the mental health of employees.
  • Workplace design and organisational arrangements – does the organisation create points or positions of heightened risk to mental health and what are the arrangements in place to mitigate that?
  • Mental health culture – is poor mental health acknowledged and accepted as a potential issue that needs supportive measures to combat?
  • Confidence and capability – systems to ensure that those supporting and those suffering from poor mental health have the right resources available to them to positively deal with the challenges being faced.
  • Available tools and support – the options, guidance and support available to employees to help manage their mental health.
  • Transparency and accountability – does an organisation openly champion addressing the challenges of mental health and hold themselves to account for continuously improving?

What Integrity Media offers is a service that crosses over these metrics to add sustainable value beyond benchmarking or RACE activity plans.  Our service provides:

  • A process that helps a real world narrative of corporate culture to be captured and understood, allowing proactive measures to be pursued;
  • A platform for those suffering poor mental health to engage in a long-term process that can help them grow as individuals;
  • Adds to the wealth of information for society and businesses to build on to create enriched and more efficient work practices and spaces.

Re-engage (A Solution With Integrity)

What we offer is a managed service to companies to support their employees to engage proactively in a process to understand themselves, their situation, and to rationalise a positive way forward. They do this by working with Integrity Media to create a story (short story or novel) around the situation and their feelings.

The process of creative development provides a framework for the employee and a feedback mechanism for the company, and stimulates an environment of positive engagement. This yields a belief of transparency and accountability, and gifts the confidence to the employee to explain and feel capable and supported to do so.

These stories, along with the support of our associate psychologists, can also be used to shape the other programmes or activities, available tools and support offered, or guide changes to workplace design and organisational arrangements.

Ultimately, the process generates goodwill, which can provide a framework for improved organisational culture, but more importantly a positive and proactive mental health culture.